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Aikido is about blending rather than struggling. It is a "discipline of coordination" that combines timing and technique, rather than brute strength and size, to find harmony in conflict. Aikido is highly effective as a form of self-defense for men, women and children of all shapes and sizes, and provides a great workout!

TAMU Aikido is the only club of its kind within about 75 miles of the Bryan/College-Station area, and features outstanding biweekly two-hour training sessions with Sensei Michael Uehara (Third degree black belt). Uehara Sensei is a  member of the Yokosuka Aikikai Aikido Shunyoukai. TAMU Aikido is directly under the umbrella of Masuda Aikido Dojo in Saitama, Japan.

Individuals of all levels, from beginner to advanced, may participate.


We hold classes at Montoya's Shorin Kempo Karate school.  Hanshi Montoya holds advanced degrees in several martial arts and also teaches children's classes and beginner adults.

Free Aikido workshop Saturday November 14, 2015


The Texas A&M Aikido club is happy to host a FREE aikido workshop with Uehara Sensei (4th degree black belt) on Saturday November 14, 2015 from 11am - 2pm.  Uehara Sensei is our clubs chief instructor and provides continuing instruction on improving our aikido.    

EVERYONE is welcome to join us for practice and to meet our Sensei and club members.  There is no experience in martial arts needed, we will introduce you to Aikido from the ground up.  If you have ever been curious about Aikido, here is a wonderful chance to experience the martial art first hand. 

If you plan on attendiing the workshop:

1. Wear athletic clothing. preferably a comfortable tshirt and, some work out pants.

(Shorts will work but, we do aikido on our knees and mats can be rough.)

2. Bring a water bottle. We will work up a sweat and it is important to stay hydrated.

3. There is ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION. We want you to come and experience the martial art that we love to practice.

4. Come with an open mind and a willing attitude.  We will not push you TOO far out of your comfort zone.

5. Have fun. Aikido is great for personal development and health. 


We hope to see you in the dojo,

Thanks and gig'em


Masuda Shihan Seminar 2015


The Texas A&M Aikido Club will be hosting a seminar with Manabu Masuda, a 6th degree Aikikai on September 26th and 27th.

The practice will be held at Montoya's Shorin Kempo Karate Dojo at 2603 Roundtree Drive, Bryan, TX 77801.

Saturday's seminar will be held from 9:00am - 12:00pm and 2:00pm - 5:00pm, and Sunday's seminar will be held from 9:00am - 11:30am. Prices will be $120 for the weekend and $95 for Saturday only.

If you need a ride, or have any questions please either contact me at wwalther@tamu.edu or Robert at Koenig.rob@gmail.com. Or you can join our facebook page "TAMU Aikido."

It should be a lot of fun, so I hope to see you there! Thanks, and Gig'em.


Wrange Walther

President of TAMU Aikido

Join us for Big Event 2014!

Howdy Ags! Don't forget to sign up for Big Event, taking place Saturday, March 29th!  Even if you're just interested in Aikido, feel free to join us and get to know us!  Our group code is E3D49-00033.  Sign up soon for a free t-shirt! Thanks and Gig'Em!

New 2014 Aikido handbook

Check it out!   New Handbook for 2014.


Includes curriculum, contact and, other fun stuff.



Spring 2014 Welcome Back

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break.  It is time to gear up for our Spring semester!

This year we have a number of things on our slate.  

First and foremost, we are participating in the Spring MSC Open House on Sunday Jan. 19th.   It would be a pleasure to spend this day recruiting new members with you.  Please look on our facebook page and let us know when you can help out.


Second, we are using a new curriculum and the club is very excited to be able to make it available to the members!  Now, we can all work on our next rank requirements even at home.  This will be published in the TAMU Aikido member Handbook which will be available here and on our facebook page.  We will also have a few copies at the dojo.  


Third, we will be participating in The Big Event this year.  There are not many details yet on this but stay tuned for more info.

Lastly, we have updated our fee schedule in order to bring solvency to the club finances.  Please check our Membership page to see our new fee schedule.


Thanks and gig'em,

Robert Koenig

Interim President

TAMU Aikido

Fall 2013 Classes Coming Soon!

Howdy Aikidoka!


The summer is coming rapidly to a close and the Fall semester is approaching.  There are several things that need our attention as school starts up again.

First, Dr. Aaron Hill and Vahid Faghihi, will be testing for their shodan on August 17th, 2013.  Come back to College Station early so we can all go to the Woodlands dojo and help our friends out by being uke!   Please put it on your calendar and check the facebook page.


Second,  We have put ourselves in the Gig'em Week pamphlet for this fall.  We are sponsoring a self defense class on Monday August 19th, 2013 for anyone who is interested.  This is a great tool for our club to recruit with.  please show up in force to help Sensei black and Sensei Uehara with this class.


Third, and not least, is the MSC Open House.  This is the big one.  most of our new students come from this event.  It is September 1st in the MSC. We will have a demo time and we will pass more information along as it becomes available.


Thanks and gig'em

Thanks and welcome!

To all the visitors at the MSC Open house yesterday, 


Thanks for stopping by our table, talking with our roaming recruiters, or even just taking a flyer as you walked through the halls.  We are very appreciative of your intrest in our club and, we want to make you feel at home in our dojo.  


We are now starting our Regular semester classes,  they are at 7:45- 9:45 pm monday and wednesday at Montoya's Shorin Kempo karate school.  (directions can be found on this website)  We would love to welcome you at our dojo and training session. 


Please feel free to come and watch, or even particiate for two classes with no obligation.  We want you to be sure you are comfortable in the training and in the dojo. 

Thanks again for stopping by the Open House and we hope to see you soon at the dojo.


-Texas A&M University Aikido 

ExCEL extravaganza update!

To all vollunteers and club members,
The Excel Extravaganza is This Friday Aug. 24th at 7pm.
So far we have:
Robert Koenig
Queena Leung
William Kerry
Taylor Floid
We would like a couple more commitments for Friday.  
If you are committed for the excel extravaganza: Aikido class Tomorrow is MANDATORY so we can discuss logistics.
Please help out your TAMU Aikido club by volunteering

Call for volunteers!!!!

Howdy All,

The semester is about to gear up here at Texas A&M. This means that all of our students should be headed back to Aggieland soon! 
I wanted to take this chance to let you all know that there are exciting things happening with the club even BEFORE classes start.

We have TWO opportunities to showcase our club this fall. And we will be needing a few volunteers!

First, on August 24-25th the ExCEL group (Excellence uniting Culture, Education and, Leadership) is holding a new student conference and has asked us to do a brief demonstration and man an information booth. 

Second, is the big MSC fall open house. This is on Sept 2nd and it will be back in the MSC! We will need lots of help with this one. 

Please, please, PLEASE, help show support for Texas A&M Aikido and volunteer some time to these great chances to further our club!

Sign up sheets will be at the dojo.  You can also reserve a time slot or get more information my emailing me (koenig.rob@gmail.com) or Queena (queenaleung@neo.tamu.edu)

P.S- training is ongoing throughout the summer. Whenever you get back to C-stat come and join us at the dojo!

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